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 Economy Benefit  versus Environment quality in Carrying Capacity Optimalization Modeling of Cimanggu Natural Reckreational Park

Increased utilization of Cimanggu Nature Recreation Park as conservation areas for tourism activities could threaten the sustainability of the conservation area. To overcome these problems need to develop management strategies that do not exceed the carrying capacity of the area. This paper aims to build optimization models based on  region carrying capacity by maximizing the economic benefits from the utilization of the region as a destination tourism activities. Model develop consists of socioeconomic and environmental submodel. Socioeconomic submodel consists of regional Growth Product (GRP), production, consumption, invesment and satisfaction levels of tourists. Environmetal Submodel consists of a total environment pollution and ecosystem-level disturbances. This model will predict level of equilibrium between economic benefits and the carrying capacity of the region as area management strategy.

 The Potencies of Pine leaf Extract (Pinus merkusii Jungh. et de Vriese) as Bioherbicides for Gemination Inhibitor of  Echinochloa colonum L. and Amaranthus viridis)

Yusuf Hilmi Adisenjaya dan Wahyu Surakusumah

Has Published at Journal

allelopathic substances are an organic agents which produced and released by a plant that cause alteration on the neighboring plants. The characteristics of allelochemicals usually inhibit germination of other species and sometime will reduce growth of the other species which associate with producer of allelochemicals. The mechanism of allelochemicals can be used to suppress a germination of Echinochloa colonum L. and Amaranthus viridis L. These plants are weeds species of rice plant in the rice field. The aims of this research were to study the allelochemicals effect from the leaf of pines (Pinus merkusii Jungh. et de Vriese) on germination of Echinochloa colonum L. and Amaranthus viridis L.,. The experimental design used Completely Randomized Design with five replicates for each concentration of (250, 500, 750, 1000 ppm) including control. The result which analysed with one-way Analyse of Varians (ANOVA) indicated that giving a pine leaf extracts were having an inhibit effect on germination of Echinochloa colonum L., and Amaranthus viridis L.

Key words: Pinus merkusii Jungh. et de Vriese, allelopathy, weeds, Echinochloa colonum L., Amaranthus viridis L.


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